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Spring time is a great time to get out and clean up your shoreline. Get out the lake rake and clean up any stones, sticks and leaves debris that may be on your shoreline.

This is a vital step to reducing the muck that keeps building up in your swimming, fishing and boating area each year. The extra effort that you put in each Spring will more than pay you back in the near future with a better shoreline around your dock area.

See what products we recommend to make your job a little easier this Spring on our Do It Yourself (DIY) Lake Weed Control Products page.

The Weed Raker is a great tool for this specific activity
Even though its Summer, you should continue raking and cleaning the shoreline getting ready for your first harvesting of aquatic lake weeds for the year.

A great time to start cutting is when the lake weeds are about half way to the surface of the water. Cutting at this time will make the clean up easier, because the lake weeds will be longer and easier to rake up when they have some size to them.

Once you use the cutter, most lake weeds will float to the surface in a few seconds for easy clean up with a good lake rake. Using a lake rake you can guide and push the lake weeds to the shore or dock area to remove them from the water. Putting the lake weeds up on the dock will allow most of the water to drain from the lake weeds and this will make them lighter when you take them away from the lake.

Always make sure that you follow and understand all DNR or State regulations before removing any aquatic weeds from your lakeshore.
Spring Time 2013 - Things to get done on your LakeShore:
Summer Time 2013 - Things to get done on your LakeShore:
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Fall Time 2013 - Things to get done on your LakeShore:
By now you have completed your second cutting and have had a great Summer with open water around your dock, swimming and fishing area.

Try to get any new stones, sticks, leaves or other debris that may now be on your shoreline again cleaned up as this will save you time next year in the Spring.

Using a lake rake several times a year will circulate the water and muck on the bottom and continue to improve your shoreline back to a hard and cleaner lake bottom every year you continue to do this.
Winter Time 2013 - Things to get done on your LakeShore:
Rest up and get ready for next years shoreline clean up cycle to start over again, do some ice fishing or go on vacation.
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